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Myofunctional Therapy at Growing Faces

We see Myofunctional Therapy as a pivotal component  of whole body pediatric dental care. Myofunctional Therapy promotes proper function of the tongue and facial muscles. It also addresses key aspects of jaw development, breathing efficiency, and overall health. We integrate this therapy with tongue tie release procedures and orthodontic treatments for young patients.

What is Myofunctional Therapy & Why is it Important?

Myofunctional therapy is a transformative exercise program aimed at correcting the tongue and facial muscles' functions. We view this therapy as a critical component for proper jaw development, chewing efficiency, and breathing quality. By consistently practicing simple exercises, Myofunctional Therapy patients can correct improper muscle patterns, enhance oral function and improve their health.

How Can Myofunctional Therapy Help?

Myofunctional therapy trains the tongue to position itself properly during breathing, swallowing, and chewing. It can enhance a child’s quality of life by promoting improved nasal breathing, better sleep quality, and optimal jaw development.

*Patient has undergone Myofunctional Therapy with Lauren Gurtman of Kids Communicate, Hoboken, NJ.

The GOPEX Program

The goal of GOPEX (Good Oral Posture Exercises) is to reverse habitual mouth-breathing and its associated risks.  It focuses on teaching proper oral rest posture and healthy breathing habits. It also gives children and parents exercises that help them develop habits crucial for optimal facial and jaw growth. By helping kids to modify daily activities like chewing and speaking, GOPEX integrates changes for proper muscle tone and growth. 

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